A Dozen Tips That Will Help You Finally Stop Overpacking!

A tip here, a tip there, we’ll keep combining them and recommending them for you to try in the delirious task of packing whether it’s for a 3-day romantic rendezvous or a 7-day special event!

Did you know there is non-odor clothing you can buy and pack? Contain the funk, consider odor-fighting fabrics, re-wear clothes that will hold up better traveling than others. Here’s a link you can check out: https://www.verywellfit.com/best-anti-odor-running-clothes-4158718 (ASICS, Under Armour, Patagonia, Radiant)

Plan your outfits: for every day to match your itinerary. Know what outfit you’ll wear for each day. Sure you can deviate, but have an idea what you’ll actually wear, don’t pack half your t-shirt or tank top drawer! I have a plus 2. I have a 2+ rule, I can add two extra tops! Color coordinated OR NOT! Live a little, but your goal is to leave space in your suitcase for new treasures!

About those shoes: so you work out, even on vacation. Pack
pair of shoes that workout and will walk the town or work for excursions. Look for light weight and packable.

Coordinate with your travel companion or small group. Choose who will bring which toiletries, like toothpaste and sunscreen. Check with who you’re rooming with if it’s a group and leave the big hairspray cans at home.

Pack for definite activities. Sure, you’ll have last minute plans, that’s what travel is for, from dress up dinner to the spa or a pool party, leave room for a few new shopping treasures from the logo shop or boutique.

Color coordination: choose your foundation clothes of pants, shorts, skirts then mix and match with smaller items. Tops, scarves, accessories. Commit to wear everything more than once (except maybe that sequined gown for the gala!) with several bottoms from casual to lounge and vary your outfits. Did you know a scarf can become a shawl-jacket?  Here’s a few tips on how scarves can make a totally different outfit come together: https://www.thefashionspot.com/style-trends/171363-15-chic-and-creative-ways-to-tie-scarves/#/slide/1

Pack your favorite things, be comfortable, don’t make it complicated. Something unusual you’re considering, be sure to try it on first and be sure you’ll wear it. If you haven’t worn it recently, it might not fit, don’t guess.

Use packing containers. yes, rolling your clothes takes up less room, makes it easier to find your top when they’re in the same place, scarves when they are in the same small container, it’s so much easier to color coordinate this way without tearing up your suitcase. We all know it’s not going to go back the way you had it and we also know you’ll have more to go home with than you came with!

Yes, you can wash up a few things. Either on your own if you’re staying in one place or your specially chosen all-inclusive resort will do it! On a tour, check ahead, some hotels have a laundry rooms. (like our 12-day Grand Fall Foliage Tour!) If you wash a few intimate items in the room, be sure not to leave them hanging over the shower or on the balcony when you move on. Pack laundry soap sheets for quickies.

Please ask your travel planner about bringing supplies for local children where you’re going. From pencils, paper, you do make a difference and you’ll feel good sharing. No matter what you bring and donate, consider it real estate you get back in your bag for souvenirs you buy! It’s a win-win!

Your carry-on vs check-in. Choose what you need immediate access to at any given circumstance or have unmistakable value you can’t afford to lose. For me: cell phone and charger, extra power bank, medication, kindle, computer, Stress-Away roll-on (or your choice of essential oils), credit cards and cash, color book and pens, toothbrush and mini-toothpaste, make-up refresh kit.

The little things make the difference! From delayed flights to volunteering on overbooked, ask yourself, what would you need to be comfortable and secure?

Our final tip: we saved the best for last, choose PJ, our travel concierge and road warrior for trip planning! 503-260-0557 or pj@wildsidedestinations.com

Pamela (PJ) Ott, WSD

Wild Side Destinations & Destination Weddings.Travel

*also thanks TraveoSmart, Caroline Morse Teel, TravelSmart for some travel reminders

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