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Airline COVID-19 Updates

Most of us love to travel, we are vested in the discovery of new destinations, of having new experiences and learning more about our world! Wild Side Destinations love planning your travel and making your dreams come true! As we continue to stamp-out of COVID-19, we wanted you to be aware and share changes to …

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A Dozen Tips That Will Help You Finally Stop Overpacking!

A tip here, a tip there, we'll keep combining them and recommending them for you to try in the delirious task of packing whether it's for a 3-day romantic rendezvous or a 7-day special event! Did you know there is non-odor clothing you can buy and pack? Contain the funk, consider odor-fighting fabrics, re-wear clothes …

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Travel Tip for No Pick-Pocketing

To begin with, you earned your travel. You worked the hours, it's yours. Pickpockets love travelers. We're prime targets because in many cases we are unfamiliar with our surroundings, distracted by the new sites, people watching and unfortunately, insist on carrying valuable items. Here's a few tips to even the odds of those who make …

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