7-Tips for Navigating Your Travel During Hurricane Season with PJ

Here’s 7-Tips to help navigate your travel, honeymoons, destination weddings and family reunions during hurricane season.  It comes and goes, it’s the H-word. The winds blow, it rains hard. AND wow, those great rates look good on your wallet! When is weather predictable? We’re talking about hurricane season, it’s also Indian Summer – based on the description Native Americans first described the warm and hazy conditions in autumn for hunting to Europeans. Technically June through November is flagged as Hurricane season, and great travel deals September and October.

1. Don’t let it ground you! Consider what the odds are of a storm landing on your exact travel dates? If you’re not offered travel protection with any travel package, grab your purse or wallet and run. Seriously, travel protection should always be a recommendation, 365 days a year. It’s not just about mother nature, accidents happen, airlines twist your schedule, human error and unforeseeable family and work issues come out of nowhere. If the airline or cruise ship cancels, you want to get a refund, if an area becomes unstable and unsafe, you have the option to cancel. .

2. Take a cruise!
We love the prices and deals on cruises in September and October! You’re on a moving resort and destinations you stop at can change accordingly. That being said, even cruise itineraries change to go around storms and tropical weather. You know storm fronts and hurricanes are identified from start to finish, you get fair warning and the weatherman keeps us informed. So do our trusty partners at all our fantastic destinations! Ships can literally outrun a storm. While your ports of call may change, your room is secure, your dining, activities, and entertainment keep on coming.

3. We said it once, we’ll say it again ALWAYS purchase Travel Insurance and don’t short yourself. Also, purchase third party insurance so you’re fully covered. There are levels of insurance, add-ons for cancellation for any reason, work-related, some pay cash, some vouchers, beware, some have small print. Be safe and cover your hard-earned time, money and special event. We give you the toll-free number for the insurance carrier, the experts, and you can call and ask any questions you want from the experts on coverage for your peace of mind.

4. Commit to having a good time. We all know changes can happen, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

5. Expect the unexpected. Know your flight schedule, the usual airline issues, choose flights with connection times you can make and secondary flights to your destination should you depart or arrive late, get stalled in an airport over a freak ice storm or late crew from another flight. Consider arriving a day early for cruises and spend a night getting your sea legs ready. Or, schedule an overnight stay on the way and break-up your travel.

6. What are you putting in that suitcase? My favorite line… any trip can end up being extended due to issues totally out of your control. Remember number 4 above? Well, be your best friend and be sure you have a built-in rescue kit including medication, personal essentials, color book, blanky, cords and chargers and have them in your carry-on. You may well not have access to your luggage or get separated. Know your rights as a traveler, but have you watched the movie “Terminal” with Tom Hanks? You see where I’m going with this?

7. Choose a well-connected Travel Advisor who is available far beyond 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Expect first-hand experience, maturity and years in the business. You want the benefits of their clout and contacts with hand-picked resorts. Having up-to-the-minute resources, their contacts at the resort and tour level mean awareness of resort conditions and make the difference when something goes wrong.

by Pamela (PJ) Ott, Travel Advisor, Road Warrior, Director of Romance@flyfreePJ @weddingsfreePJ @specialeventsbyPJ

503-260-0557  pj@wildsidedestinations.com

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