Airline COVID-19 Updates

Most of us love to travel, we are vested in the discovery of new destinations, of having new experiences and learning more about our world! Wild Side Destinations love planning your travel and making your dreams come true!

As we continue to stamp-out of COVID-19, we wanted you to be aware and share changes to air travel, ever changing as circumstances change. We believe sunny side up is more than just a saying, it’s our prediction of the return to travel, even with upgraded changes!  As the escalation and steps we, the travel industry and you take to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus, getting from point A to point B requires our U.S. airlines. Here is a current summary on the airline changes, along with our Travel Tips as well!

We acknowledge the welfare of fliers as well as airline employees means safe and healthy travel in most typical speeches by CEO’s and airlines.  And of course, keeping an optimistic view of progress, all airlines are assessing daily the travel situation as we are.  Here’s some updates which are hopefully not old as of today.

. Alaska Airlines plans to reduce flight schedules for April and May by ~70%, as falloff continues related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

. American Airlines will institute new major service and seating changes for health, safety and comfort. Changes include seating policies, food service, Admiral’s Club Lounges, pets service and the practice of social distancing. Gate agents will reassign seating when possible and American will block half of the standard middle seats to do this.  Expect limited food and beverage options today til April 30. Beverages available on request, and domestically, snacks and food won’t be available for purchase, only on international flights.

TIP: BYOB, BYOF – bring your own beverage, bring your own food

Delta is waiving change fees for domestic and international travel through May 2020 and bookings made during March 2020. Delta is extending upgrade certificates and travel vouchers for SkyMiles Medallion Members (not that it affects many of us)—now til the end of 2020 to use. Delta is expanding health and safety practices to all flights starting April 1: fogging on domestic aircraft and sanitazation of high-touch areas like tray tables, entertainment screens and armrests.

TIP: BYOD – bring your own disinfectants, wipe-down your body-friendly (and not so friendly) areas. Attach one to your carry on, attach another on your purse, carry wipes and hand cleaner. Don’t leave home without them.

Hawaiian Airlines,  announced 14-day quarantine for all visitors to Hawaiian. Hawaiian is reducing April flight schedule but maintaining essential service within Hawai’i, Hawai‘i and California with one daily flight to Los Angeles and San Francisco, and one weekly to American Samoa. Hawai‘i’s airline’s operation is essential to the state for important travel and critical cargo.

TIP: Keep your fingers crossed for a reset to normal in 14-days and with good-looking fares! We have all the islands and great Aloha Savings!

Southwest will cancel ~1,500 of near 4,000 daily flights as fliers decrease and assess as they go. They will implement cancellations on a rolling, multiple-day basis to provide you with advance notice of changes and alternate flight options.

TIP: Be flexible – the ever changing nature of this outbreak requires your understanding while airlines try to provide service, though limited, and protect you, you MUST play a very active roll as well.

United Airlines wants to accommodate temporarily adjusting inflight service and moving to pre-packaged foods and sealed beverages. United will suspending all PetSafe and military pet transportation until further notice.  Flexible rebooking and cancellation policies include waiving change fees for all travel through May 31. United is offering customers the opportunity to do so when seating allows.

AGAIN, a few important tips:
. BYOB: bring your own beverages.
. BYOF: bring your own food.
. BYOD: bring your own disinfectant, wipe-down your body-friendly, and not so friendly, areas. Attach one to your carry on, attach another to your purse, carry wipes and hand cleaner.  Don’t leave home without them.
. Be flexible: the ever changing nature of this outbreak requires your understanding that while airlines try to provide service and protect you, you must play a very active roll.

. YOU are responsible for yourself.
. Use a bonified, experienced travel professional for planning AND booking – we can be your friend for life
. DON’T book on your travel online unless you have a magic wand and crystal ball. You will be on your own.

Think Sunny Side Up for those who have had to postpone vacations, family reunions, destination weddings, vow renewals and honeymoons.  Now is the time to start planning and be an Ambassador of Hope for our front lines.  They are your family, too and are looking out for you. Soon we’ll all be doing the dance of life again!

Editor In Part
Pamela (PJ) Ott
Wild Side Destinations & Destination Weddings.Travel
(503) 260-0557

* thanks to TravelMarket Report

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