Have You Dreamed of Finding a Lost City?

If you have ever dreamed of finding a Lost City, we’ve found one, looming out of the jungle and now you can get there on a six-day hiking trip in Colombia! If there’s one hike not to be missed in Colombia, it’s the Lost City Trek! And actually called the best hike in South America.

This special Lost City means travelers between the ages of 18 and 35 can take this special hiking package available during next February and March, 2020. You have a choice of 6-day, 5-day and 4-day hiking tours. Check out the plot of the recent film The Lost City Of Z and get out your suitcases. The ‘Lost City’ of Columbia, is not quite as remote as the “Lost City of Z” in the Brazilian Amazon where British explorer Percy Fawcett mysteriously disappeared in 1925 but offers an archeological site of an ancient city founded around 800 CE, that’s some 6500 years earlier than Machu Picchu.  This location is also known as “Teyuna” and “Buritaca.”

But La Ciudad Perdida, the ‘Lost City’ of Colombia is deep in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, disappeared into the jungle around the time of of the Spanish Conquest. It was only ‘discovered’ again in the 1970’s. To date only 10% of the city’s ruins have been unearthed, making this remote site some compare to Machu Picchu a great adventure for all prospective jungle explorers!

La Ciudad Perdida is accessible only by foot, which helps make this one special Bucket List Travel since you can be one of only 8,000 tourists per year to see it. Compare that to the 3,000 who visit Machu Picchu per day. See what we mean?

It’s the perfect backpacking demographic adventure for travelers under 35.  It is priced at $639 for this 6-day Lost City Trek. An adventure for the right Honeymoon couple, a group of friends or single travelers. Check your calendars, then we’ll check your air options based on the dates available. This Lost City trek departs from Santa Marta so consider adding a pre or post stay to your story.

Included in your trek to find the Lost City is an expert guide to help navigate the trails and speak local languages, porters will help carry essentials and you’ll stay safe with Colombia army patrols along the trail. Four nights of camping accommodations, 13 meals (5 lunches, 4 dinners, 4 breakfasts), try authentic Colombian food, meet the Kogi indigenous group, learn tribal traditions from the native community of Mutanya, swim in the Buritaca River then climb 1,200 stone steps to the Lost City.  Do you think you can make it?  Accommodations are rustic and enhance the experience so you’ll feel like a true Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider Lara Croft with bunk rooms and camping in hammocks under the stars at jungle campsites like Primer Campamento, Campamento Mumake y Teyumake and Campamento Paraiso Teyuna.

From a dirt path woven past large banana trees, towering palms and dangling vines, it’s challenging enough for hikers to have good general fitness. The 47-kilometer (29 mile) trek ascends and descends four small mountains, you hike in, you hike out. The heat will slow you at around 91 degrees, you’ll share the trail with porters and mules that carry food and other necessities to the cabins you sleep in along the way. The path snakes along the Rio Buritaca there are river crossings and you’ll need them with much-welcomed chances to cool off. Are you interested?

Looking for an adventure, start your story with us and invite other friends to come with you searching for the Lost City!

edited by Pamela (PJ) Ott
Wild Side Destinations &
Destination Weddings.Travel

for more info: CNN Travel

written in part by Michael Goldstein

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