27 Travel Hacks with Wild Side Destinations

Travel is a life-changing experience.  Engineering new and better travel hacks mean the first-hand experience going from point A to point B and even point C! Thinking outside the box for endurance, laughs, security and memories that last a lifetime come from our Travel Specialist and Advisor PJ. Here are some new ideas, and old ideas, you might not have discovered yourself!

There is no other way to get a better understanding of the world than to explore it and the people who live in it. From ways to pack with your must-have pair of running shoes, flip-flops to air sickness, anxiety, and delays, we want your travel experience to outweigh the hassles of flying so count on our customized travel planning for you! Here are 27 travel hacks to help ease your stress of packing and more!

1. Roll up your clothing: Space is premium, short or long trips. Qualify your suitcase space and roll with it, literally! Save space and eliminate some wrinkles!

2. Keep’em fresh! Choose your favorite flavor (not literally – smell). Dryer sheets, cut into a few smaller pieces or squares and tuck here and there. Ahh!

3. Eliminate big bottles of your favorites! Go solid or cut and shave bars or loofahs into smaller portions whenever possible.

4. Put toothpaste in empty eye drop bottles: go through security with your carry-on bag, pass TSA inspections and the 3.4 oz rule.

5. Use straws to pack jewelry. There’s no excuse not to look and feel your best, divaz self!  String chains through a straw to protect and separate from knotting.

7. Did you notice your tray table hook? Use that funny little hook on your tray table latch to hang headphones, your travel blanky or lightweight jacket!

8. My favorite: shower caps. For almost everything! Every room, every night, I toss these into my suitcase for use! For under-stuff (if you’re not going commando), flip-flops, stinky socks, dirty shoes, seashells. See* 2. above and add a cut square to improve smells.

9. Contact lens case storage: essential moisturizer, aromatherapy oils, lip and face refreshers. Freshen up anywhere, anytime. See our Travel Defrag with Scents: http://www.wildsidedestinations.com/traveltips.html

10. Glass cases: for cord storage for electronics, many sizes, many styles, to fit your cords and needs. TIP: choose bright colors to easily find them in your carry-on.

11. Jet Lag: see #9 and exercise. Get up, get out! It’s your vacation, your honeymoon, have a romantic rendezvous, stretch, get some extra activity in! Break down anxiety from travel. Massage the sand between your toes, jog on the beach, take a lap in the pool, a walk in the fitness center. Before, in the airport and after.

12. Straws again! Plastic – get yours but get on the eliminate plastic straws bandwagon.  Still, a commodity for travel.  Skip buying specialty travel cases for toiletries. Use plastic straws and tape, fill, label and seal for petite essential personal preferences.

13. Pill case storage: a great holder for smaller earrings, navel rings, nail jewels.

14. Always go left: studies found the left side of the line always moves along quicker than the right. I have not personally tested this, what’s your experience? pj@wildsidedestinations

15. Bringing home complimentary bottles of wine or tequila. (you’re getting these if you are booking your travel with PJ) Or that specially aged rum you bought? Stuff it! Add barriers, insert into a shoe, tuck it between your rolled shirts in that packing cube. You are using packing cubes, right?

16. Fill in the blanks, pack inside your shoes: socks, underwear, swimsuit,

17. Binder clips: wrap your earbuds around one so no knots! Plus cover razor blades to avoid grab and go finger cuts.

18. Emergency cash: we all take it, separate it, stuff it. An old ChapStick container does the trick to store cash, that spare $50 where no one will look.

19. Maps hack: Google Maps in areas without a signal or WiFi. Type “ok maps” into your search bar and save the map of the displayed area.

20. Empty water bottle: don’t spend your bucks at the airport (and layover airports) before you even get to paradise? Toss in an empty water bottle, fill it near your gate at a water fountain after TSA security checkpoints.

21. Buttons: for stud earrings so you don’t lose them.

22. Pot holders: no we’re not packing everything but the kitchen sink! BUT if you’re not going to one of our spoiled-rotten all-inclusive resorts, you might pack a blow dryer, curling or straightening iron. Storing hair care appliances on the go!

23. FourSquare: Looking for a coffee shop? Find reviews and often WiFi passwords ahead of time.

24. Peppermint oil: for travel nausea, aromatherapy. Make peppermint tea to freshen breath, banish body odor in a pinch.

25. Packing Cubes. Grab and go, don’t demolish your suitcase looking for that special something you want to wear at the bar, that special accessory, that matching shirt. Find your perfect cube set, from 4 to 6 bags and more! Here’s a “5 Best Packing Cubes” review. https://bestreviews.com/best-packing-cubes AND Travel & Leisures recommendations:  https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-tips/packing-tips/best-packing-cubes-for-travel#genius-pack-packing-cubes Also, here’s demos for “how to” eBags!  https://youtu.be/J8Aw-DNzbCo

26. Destination Wedding couples and brides: use Packing Cubes to separate your bridal and wedding items, accessories, ribbon, gifts, artifacts!

27. Give back: leftover currency in your pockets. Unless your building a rock fireplace outside to stick coins into for memories (don’t laugh) leave it to a person or worthy cause. Pay it forward with a smile!

We’ve got a lot of tips, shortcuts, longcuts to make your adventure, your experience of a lifetime all it should be. Check out http://www.wildsidedestinations.com and http://www.destinationweddings.travel http://www.specialeventsbyPJ

Pamela (PJ) Ott, Road Warrior, Director of Romance



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