Tips To Choosing Brides’ Maid Dresses

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses is just as, if not more, challenging than when you decided on your own wedding dress.

Working with hundreds of brides over the years it always comes up. Either from the bride or the brides’ maids …. uh oh. It’s not like choosing your dress, that’s a tough one we’ve already given you some tips on, but challenging is the need to match a theme, match different sized girls – and sometimes men. There are just so many factors to consider, you cannot run, you cannot hide, but with some tips on things to consider, we think we can make it easier, maybe even a little fun for you.

We are talking about human beings, your brides’ maids and each has their own idea of what they can or will wear and what looks good on them. And, let’s be real, you’re supposed to be the center of the attention, not one of your brides’ maids in a dress that looks so bad, no one can take their eyes off of it.

So, first off, maintain your vision of perfection, your theme, your priorities, but finding a dress or style, or combination that will flatter everyone you’ve asked to be at your side will take compromise, just not on your part. Be realistic, it’s your wedding.

I’m not necessarily volunteering to help you pick out the dresses, then again if I’m your destination wedding planner, we have endless extensions to what we will do. Trust me, you must be a peacemaker, a sympathetic listener and remember this is not a democracy, it is your wedding. Try to find a great dress, but don’t bet your wedding on it. (Especially if your brides’ maids are a size 4 to 18.) Happiness may be a state of mind and finding just one dress for everyone that is flattering just may not be on the menu,

Needless to say, a glamorous, glitter and ballroom wedding may call on a different style than a barefoot beach wedding. What is your theme and begin with that and your choice of colors? Factors to then consider:

. your brides’ maids budgets
. what does your wedding theme encompass (like the sea: seashells, starfish, candles, neutrals, or maybe seaglass colors?)
. if color is key, consider hues of your colors to see more dress varieties
. can you go with neutrals
. can you go with skirts or even pants, what about dress lengths
. will you choose a dress they can wear more than once
. clarify in your mind what you do not want
. what type of fabric will fit your venue and theme? (Winter Wedding: warmer fabrics, long sleeves or covers, fur or Indian Wedding: reds, maroons, golds, saree, embroidering)
. do you want designer dresses or what about renting dresses
. if you’re using a designer, each girl needs to give their measurements to the designer and order early for fixes
. measurements can change, you don’t want this as an emergency
. do you want their dresses to match yours
. consider your options if you have short and tall brides’ maids
. don’t trust anything but your eyes when it comes to brides’maids dresses and fit, if not local, request multiple photos and a second opinion, a fresh pair of eyes will always put you at ease, if that’s possible
. on-line shopping is here and now, take a look and you might find some outstanding styles and prices – shop early
. accessorizing, the little added things (this is your chance to give brides’maids their thank you gifts, ask for our list!)
. to match or not to match shoes, flip flops, beaded barefoot sandals
. give your brides’ maids your colors and let them go looking (you have final approve – you should see the dress on, not just a photo)
. choose two styles sobrides’ maids have a choice
. choose your style and have each dress custom made to fit
. go with the mis-matched bride’s maid trend, but you have final approval

There’s plenty of advice for each step on your wedding timeline including trimming your budget of flowers, food and beverages and any other subject you want help with! What’s on your timeline and for more wedding tips and a free consultation, call 503-260-0557 or email

Pamela (PJ) Ott, Director of Romance
Special Events by PJ
Destination Weddings.Travel

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