It’s Not Just A Plane! Tahiti Here We Come!

So when we’re looking for an airline ticket for a client, sure we look at the flight times, we compare the stopovers, we look at the length of the stopover and where the stopover is. All airports are not created the same. But what about the planes you’re going to be encased in?

All airplanes are not created equal. All airline seats are not created equal, economy is not created equal and on and on for business and first class, when it’s still called that. You know what I mean if you’ve flown anywhere in the U.S. and International.

It’s not just a plane. Reading a book, coloring, taking trazodone or sleep aids will not change the configuration or space you are allotted for the price of your ticket. One such up and coming exception is the new Tahitian Dreamliner!

Besides the paint job which represents 118 islands, hues of blue for lagoons, ocean and sky, you’ll see a collection of native tattoos on her rear (I’m calling these dreamliners “her”!) If you are truly a tattoo lover, you know the history of a tattoo is extensive with meaning. It’s not your “love you mom” tattoo or a heart or skull. It’s a visual story, representation of friendship, wisdom, and protection. It’s about continuity, prosperity, abundance, and strength for Tahiti and Air Tahiti Nui.

Let’s see why! Inside, venues include dramatic lighting, vaulted ceilings, and verticle sidewalls, you’ll feel more luxury, more head and shoulder room (after all, you’re encased here for about 8 hours.) To add unique relaxation, enjoy Panasonic’s most advanced in-flight entertainment system, audio video on demand at every seat w/multi-touch screen so go ahead, immerse and entertain yourself! You can also stay connected with Panasonic’s eXConnect satellite broadband and of course, high-speed internet is accessible directly with your in-seat system and via PDA through onboard Wi-Fi.

Can a plane be socially conscious? Are you socially conscious? Good question, but environmental considerations and social issues mean new ecological wheat straw cutlery, even weight factors of dishes to optimize fuel consumption and recyclable plastic for waste impact.

So, what else can we do to lower the fatigue clearly identified that is caused by flying? How about pressurization, humidity, and additional purification to make your flight more heavenly! Sure we notice pressurization at take-off and landing, but what about the hours on the plane? Instead of the typical pressurized cabin altitude of 6,500-7,000 feet, with a stronger composite fuselage, you’ll get pressurization to 6,000 feet. We promise you’ll like it! Turning up the humidity level takes away some of the dryness and an innovative purification is also eliminating gaseous contaminants and odors. Translation: fewer throat, eye, and nose irritations. How are you feeling now?

While you relax, with clean air, better pressure and humidity, you’re looking around and what a relief, you can see out to the horizon even when you’re not in the window seat! You’re thinking, “I feel free, it feels so open!” You’re now experiencing not just larger windows, but placement higher so everyone can see that horizon, including you! The windows can be dimmed electronically by touching a button so even brightness can be controlled.

Now, what else on a plane is annoying (besides the person sitting next to you or behind you)? Air Tahiti Nui also generates a 60 percent smaller sound footprint than their previous planes, thanks to General Electric engines and engine casings so you, the crew and even down in those little houses you’re passing over at takeoff, hear less.

We don’t like to talk about it, but have you found yourself grabbing your glass when you hit turbulence to save that beverage of your choice or shooting it all at once not to waste it or spill it? Think Smoother Ride Technology with adding smart sensors that detect turbulence as it comes, auto adjusting control surfaces for reduced up-and-down movement so it’s a smoother, more comfortable ride and for some of you, an eightfold reduction in groping for the little bag with motion sickness. Ewww.

You can be one of 294 passengers on these new planes and you’ll have three seating options: Poerava Business, Moana Premium, and Moana Economy. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences:

Poerava Business: 30 seats, 5 rows, 6-abreast (2x2x2). 180-degree full-flat seat to sleep, lots of storage areas, luxurious cushion, cover comfort system, individual touchscreen remote control for the in-flight entertainment system, personal lighting, privacy divider. Amenities incl: duvet, large pillow, the luxury kit of accessories.

Moana First Premium Economy, 32 seats, 5 rows, 7-abreast (2x3x2). More comfort, extra legroom and relaxation space. Z535 seats cradle you with a recline motion while optimizing your living space. Amenities incl: blanket, pillow, complete kit of accessories.

Moana Economy class cabin, 232 seats, 9-abreast (3x3x3) with blanket, pillow and the complete kit of personal accessories.

Go ahead, you deserve it, take that trip to Tahiti you’ve been thinking about. Make it two islands or even three! See the real Tahiti and the different flavors of the islands. From bungalows on the beach to over the water. You deserve it, you earned it. Let us give you the best of Tahiti with packages from Los Angeles starting with your flight on Air Tahiti Nui!

We want you to know the difference.  We love Tahiti, so will you! So, take your sweetie to Tahiti, take your family to Tahiti, take your friend or lover to Tahiti.  Add a destination wedding, a proposal, romance, adventure and have stress-free, relaxed planning experience with PJ, Director of Romance at Wild Side Destinations & Destination

author: PJ, Director of Romance

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