7-Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Puerto Vallarta Vacations

Seven Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Visit to Puerto Vallarta Vacation!

From the moment you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll feel the difference! Something about the history, geography, culture, food and the people make a vacation here unique. From Luxury, All-Inclusive, boutique to mid-range places to stay. Mexico gives everyone something to fit their lifestyle, travel dreams, new experiences and comfort zone.

1. Have you heard of the Puebla Magico program? It means Magical Towns and they have 111 designated venues which meet the 150 item checklist dictated by the Ministry of Tourism. Things like:
. population between 20,000 and 150,000
. within two hours (200km) from a major tourism city
. citizens in the town know of there Magico designation
. architecture and history of Mexico reflect in the buildings
. keep and maintain traditions and festivities of the town
. maintain local handicrafts and significant production
. keep the traditional gastronomy of the region (yum, yum)
. and the list goes on!

2. Iconic Experiences
With the emphasis on connecting with the destination and culture, towns, cities and the 31 states, Puerto Vallarta doesn’t qualified as Magico, it’s a city, BUT surrounded by 7 Magical Towns that enhance your Vallarta experience! Jalisco, the state promotes 3 icons: Tequila (national drink, and town of Tequila), Charro (the horsemen, with Charro festivals/rodeos in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta and Mariachi (Western Mexico music).  TIP: Take the Jose Cuervo Train Experience to Tequila – unforgettable!

3. Cruisers to Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Magico at Terminal One with a Hacienda Tequila interactive production related to Tequila, Mining and Gastronomy, shopping, the largest aquarium in Latin America.  Will be open to all! Did you know that for 2017, some 145-150 cruise ships will dock for their 12-hour stop in Puerto Vallarta! (sailings out of LAX, 7-days)

4. “walking in my shoes”
“Walking in my shoes” means friendly visitors and conversations!  A walkable destination with the Malecon downtown’s oceanside boardwalk, a hive of activity day and night. Lined streets of shops, side-walk restaurants, bars and hotels and near the Los Puertos pier and beach stroll the Romantic Zone, Old Town. From native Huichol beading techniques at indigenous gallery Colectiva to ceviche dishes at La Cerveceria Union or seven four-ounce glasses of artesanal beer at Los Muertos Brewing.

5. Special Interest Hobbies and Travel
Puerto Vallarta is for special interest travel. Botanical gardens, a botonist, nature and photographer’s dream come true. Bird watching 200+species, adventure, adrenaline, ziplining, motorcycling, jeep safari, snorkeling, scuba, beaches, horseback riding, hiking, history, culture, architecture, art, golf, fishing, spas, oh my!

6. Creative Fresh Food
Enjoying the food in Puerto Vallarta includes fresh ingredients and star chefs, you can literally eat your way through Puerto Vallarta! See the tortilla’s made at the Tortilla Factory, eat stuffed avocado, tortilla soup, Aguachile Shrimp, ceviche, Mole Verde, Mussels Dona Concha, Veracruz-style Plantain Empanadas.  Stop in at Gaby’s for the ambiance!

7. Romance and Celebrations
Puerto Vallarta with cobblestone streets, colorful sunsets, dinner cruises and sail and show at Las Caletas (a great destination wedding or vow renewal option), romantic sunset cruises, couples’ massages, complimentary all-inclusive weddings, romantic beach dinners, honeymoon packages. We’ll arrange your Puerto Vallarta Proposal and you can put a ring on it then do some Tequila tasting!

Pamela (PJ) Ott, Travel & Wedding Planner, Road Warrior

http://www.wildsidedestinations.com   http://www.destinationweddings.travel

-w/exerpts fr/Steve Gillick

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