Advice For Picking Your First Wedding Dance Song(s)

Advice for picking your Wedding First Dance Song!

You’ve enlisted a destination wedding expert recommended in The Official 2015-2016 Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Directory.  She’s confirmed your wedding dates and travel dates after you hopped around comparing destinations and then resorts. Your dream wedding is taking shape now with coordination being handled, guests confirmed with great group bonuses and you’re getting enough free rooms for everyone that’s coming to almost cover the cost of your room! Then, Ms. Pamela (PJ) asks you, “have you chosen your first dance song?”  … and your mind goes blank

This one task has an opinion from everyone.  Honestly, this is a very intimate, soul searching task for many.  Some songs are worn out, there are classics, there are romantic first dance songs.  Here’s my donation to all the couples who are engaged, even though they haven’t called me to do their wedding and honeymoon planning, YET. And don’t listen to those timelines that leave the honeymoon til a few months before the wedding, you’ll be settling for leftovers on what air and hotels are even available. ( Another priceless tip since I’m sure you’ll be calling for destination wedding expertise any day now, 503-630-5570.) Now, back to the task at hand, help is on the way.  Here is what I have on the subject to help, laugh about, or cry about:

. “the best 100 list”
. “50 most popular wedding first dance songs according to Huffington Post”
“50 classic first dance songs” from The Knot
. a “best 75 list”
. we found “18 first dance songs that haven’t been overdone,” THEN
. “80 first dance songs you haven’t heard of yet” OR
. “first dance songs country”
. “modern first dance songs”
. “unique first dance songs”
. “top 25 first dance wedding songs on YouTube”
, we found “Bride and Groom Perform Magic Trick during first dance video”
. “first dance songs that aren’t cheesy”
. “first dance songs that haven’t been done to death”
, “16 romantic songs that are actually cool”
. “first dance songs for your wedding that won’t make you cringe”
“10 untraditional wedding songs for the untraditional bride”
“20 best rock wedding first dance songs”

As I am quite complete on advice, for a balance, I will also refer to the following – we suggest one or more glasses of wine with this.
. “15 wedding songs to skip – wedding DO NOT play list” by the Knot
. “top 20 inappropriate wedding songs – never play these at a reception”
. “songs to not play at a wedding – top 53 song list 2017”
. “23 songs you need to drop from your wedding playlist”

Now I know there are ups and downs to planning a wedding and honestly, a destination wedding is the way to go for saving money, time and finding out who your friends really are! (I know this to be true) All-inclusive for your guests includes unlimited consumption of choice beverages in celebrating your big day so no additional costs. Yyour music choices you choose the essence of your celebration. It’s your choice, sometimes a battle of the minds. My personal recommendation is:  have a kick butt wedding and reception starting with “15 kick-ass songs for brides bopping,” or “in it for the long haul: 20 kickass songs about marriage!” It’s your wedding, it’s your style, it’s your music. Because establishing and renewing a relationship of trust in your destination wedding planning is our passion whether classical, romantic, kick butt or combination of!

WANTED: Kick-Butt Romantic and Fun Couples for Destination Weddings

Pamela (PJ) Ott
a little on the wild side, always on your side


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