New Wedding Trends with PJ: Unplugged Weddings

New Wedding Trends lead the way for couples to take control of their wedding and with the help of a Destination Wedding Specialist and Wedding Planner.  Your wedding should reflect your style, your way, not someone elses. How to Unplug your Wedding.

Your style, your way. It sounds great but we all know family and guest attendees and their behavior are not under control. You can hint, suggest, recommend, even demand, but enforcement takes more. Theweddingfairy recommends a Professional Wedding Specialist accompany you and pave the way on your wedding day. You carry the flowers OR NOT, your concierge specialist carries the clipboard and ruler!

Capturing the special moments of your wedding day will be life-long in prints and video.  We want to introduce you to how you can make those prints, those photos your pride and joy. This means while your dearest friends and family are there for you, they do not necessarily need to be with you in all photos, precious moments, and their cell phones, IPADS, cameras may well cost you too. Though they may think that they are helping you by taking photos, in fact, they are often ruining and diluting your special moments. This is your event, your photos, consider the investment you’ve made (thousands of dollars is not uncommon) for the professional services of a photographer, videographer. Another important question, do you want unprofessional photos, ones you haven’t even seen posted online, on facebook or u-tube seconds after or even during that very moment? Have this discussion with your spouse and take control. You’ve seen those photos, u-tube photo bombs. You should be the center of attention. Theweddingfairy says take control of your wedding. Better yet, find a Concierge Wedding Planner who will travel to be your photo/guest gatekeeper.

It is perfectly acceptable to insist that your wedding be unplugged. What does that mean? It means you do not want recording devices catching your intimate moments, your ooops moments or getting in the way of photos you’ve paid to have taken. NO, theweddingfairy is not suggesting anything less than perfection on your special day and during your ceremony but many brides agree, it’s just plain annoying having multiple cameras, cellphones and devices in your face. You’ll get a kudos from your photographer too!

Let your guests know in advance, you want the photographer to catch that tear of joy. Some guests may not realize they’re getting in the way, other’s are selfish and know exactly what they’re doing and where that photo is going. Imagine your photographer being able to do what you are paying him for! Let the photographer line up that perfect shot, your first kiss at the end of the ceremony. Say it and mean it: guest pop ups NOT allowed. Believe it, ask a wedding photographer how many photos he takes over and over, how many are photo bombed and you will never know the moments missed because of obstructions? Who else is in that intimate photo you posed for?

Here are some ways to introduce your wishes, clarify wedding guest protocol in advance regarding “your wedding.” First, have your wedding planner include the Unplugged Wedding details on your wedding website along side guest directions, wardrobe requests and event details.  Be sure to add it’s the request of you as a couple.

  • You may opt for a reminder note in a welcome bag,
  • you may opt for a video of that walk down the aisle, first kiss, first dance, and cake-cutting ceremony via a 5-inch screen.
  • Just prior to the ceremony have your officiant inform everyone that as a couple you have requested they enjoy the ceremony live, and refrain from taking photos.
  • Find someone to be persistent on your  behalf.
  • Creat a phone check (note this on your website.)  Have guests check their phones  into plastic bags, clearly labeled just like a purse, sachel or coat check. They can uncheck their phone to make a call, then check it back in.
  • Give an alternate number for guests to give the babysitter, nanny, work or someone else who may need to reach them, and messages will be relayed
  • Offer guests a special photo session just for them after the wedding.

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