New Wedding Choices: Micro-Wedding, Mini-Mony or Mini-Moon

Throughout the past year, weddings and destination weddings were redefined and dream weddings were either postponed or couples had to settle for a runner-up wedding. We are calling it what it is, sorry but true. Without their dream beach wedding and that exotic and romantic honeymoon, couples either postponed or had to make hard decisions on how to move forward. Cut off from tropical palms, sunsets and champagne, confetti and bubbles, toasting with all our family and friends. Even a percentage of wedding receptions were canceled. The dream wedding, the fairytale wedding, the seashell aisle and aqua background did not happen, but many destinations are available now! Yes, weddings did take place, but most far from many mother’s and couple’s dream “I Do’s.” So how are couples proceeding? To keep the party going, new definitions give some comfort to brides, mothers and mother-in-laws along with taking a smaller bite out of your and your dad’s pocketbook! Now the dilemma is taking people off your guest list not forgetting them. Honey I shrunk the wedding guest list!

Here Comes The Micro-Wedding, the Mini-Wedding, The Minimony and the Mini-Moon
A micro-wedding is defined by your guest list, 50 or under, with close family and close friendships only. A Mini-Mony is where couples choose to have a small ceremony and hopefully a larger one later. We emphasize later here.

The micro-wedding, mini-wedding or mini-mony give smaller wedding “I DO’s” a more creative, more unique locations and venue opportunities! In a local park, in a barn, at a lake, a camp ground, in your backyard, a garden, in the woods for rustic, a parking lot, in a restaurant or on one of many open islands we have now! There are hundreds of ways to customize a Micro-Wedding, Mini-Wedding and Mini- Moon! With a smaller guest list, you have more leverage and can decide to indulge, keep it simple or go off-the-beaten path.

If your dream plans, because of COVID, are to opt for a smaller Micro, Mini Wedding or Mini-Mony, your wedding day will be incredibly special and we will elevate your special event. A must is constantly reconfirm local restrictions and guidelines, (wear proper face coverings, social distancing from guests who are not members of your household, etc.) but your photos and memories will still be complete and timeless! Your choices are limited only by your imagination…let us loan you ours.

Wedding Planner, Writer, Editor

Pamela (PJ( Ott

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