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Cancun Vacation Spotlights Underwater, All Travelers Allowed! Say Yes to sustainable tourism.

Have you ever been to an underwater museum? Here’s your chance to add that to your 2014 accomplishments! Let us introduce you to the “Silent Evolution”.

The Cancun Underwater Museum, have you heard of it? Have you been there? Did you get wet with awesome and culturally dazzled? This often overlooked accomplishment and opportunity is located in the waters off Isla Mujeres and now contains over 400 life size sculptures, molded in PH neutral clay! First established in 2009, these are not above ground ancient Mayan Ruins, these are under water sculptures, an underwater museum. Approximately 60 new sculptures by artist Jason de Caires Taylor are coming after the museum’s first 100 sculptures were unveiled April 2010.

Since its beginning, the Cancun Underwater Museum was created to facilitate the self-preservation of natural coral reefs in optimal conditions. With this goal, the National Marine Park took the challenge of redirecting tourists from fragile natural habitats to this exhibition of more than 400 sculptures. Watch as the sculptures take on new shapes with your revisits as coral reef grows. An underwater museum ever growing, ever changing!

The total museum takes up about 1,600 square underwater feet and the weight comes in at over 120 tons. Get your sneak peak then start planning your first hand visit. Here’s some inspiration from a first-hand visit! Prepare yourself, your heartbeat will skip a beat.

Some of De Caires Taylor’s newest sculptures include “Urban Reef,” a collection of architectural structures designed for individual inhabitants of the reef system that will be assembled underwater to create a street or suburban complex.

In this realm of underwater mastery is “The Last Supper,” which depicts a dining table carved from a rock outcropping and is laid with plates and cutlery featuring a large bowl filled with fruit and hand grenades as its center piece.

Ladies, appreciate the beautiful living purple gorgonian fan coral wings on the “Phoenix.” This first kinetic sculpture in the MUSA collection is based on a female form whose wings are alive, a masterpiece of living coral and an inspiration to us to spread your wings!

“The Listener,” portrays a lone figure and it is assembled entirely from casts of human ears molded during a workshop of local Cancun students. Did you h’ear me? Casts completely of human ears. Did you know that each of your ears process sound uniquely? They are wired so that the sounds our right ears hear go mainly to the left side of our brain. The sounds our left ears hear go mainly to the right side of our brains. Did you hear what I heard?

Add sustainable tourism to your purpose of travel and include and support our earth. The purpose of this amazing opportunity let’s you visit pristine natural reefs while giving the opportunity to see the gorgeous sculptures. By helping conservation of the natural corals we also promote Cancun and Mexico as a cultural and artistic developing area and with the growth of such a project as this, we hope other fine artists are inspired in the years to come.

The Cancun Nautical Association and Isla Mujeres Nautical Association together with the National Marine Park Authorities developed this wonderful project, motivated by these great goals. Look for sustainable tourism opportunities in every destination you choose to visit, explore and become a part of!

Inspired again,

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