6-ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids to be in your Wedding

6-ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids to be in your Wedding

.. he’s proposed and you have slowed your heart beat, it’s time to start assembling the wedding you’ve always dreamed of! After you’ve chosen your Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist, the wedding begins to take shape. You’ll need to start making decisions on how many and who will be a bridesmaid in your wedding. For some brides this can be easy, for some brides this is going to be difficult. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to creatively ask them to be a part of your big day. We’re sharing five ways you can ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding. Hopefully one will stand out for you!

1) Bottle of Wine: wine is almost always a personal gift you can share when you have a get together with the girls you want to ask to be your bridesmaids. Consider giving each individual a bottle of wine with customized tag on the bottle asking them to be in your wedding. Plus, after they say yes, you can open up the bottle to celebrate!

2) Handwritten Card: let’s keep it authentic – this is not a social media experience, your handwritten note has a lot more meaning and it shows you put thought into your question.

3) Custom Bridal Party Apparel: now this can be fun and a favorite! If you know their answer will be “Yes”, options to customize bridesmaid shirts and a maid of honor shirt can be preordered and specially wrapped. There are ways monograms, patches, jewelry to personalize your invitation. It shows you care and put some time and thought into sharing your precious moments with them on your big day.

4) Customize a special Bridal Gift: be creative, look for unique items that will be memorable and say “I was thinking of you!” It can be fun, a piece of jewelry, an exotic flower in a vase, head to the craft store for ideas! A message in a bottle, a special candle accessorized. A special potpourri or lavender sachet, use your imagination and personalize as only you can!

5) Sending Something Sweet: If you are handy in the kitchen, put together something sweet like cupcakes, unique heart cookies, dripping delicious brownies, home-made bread, a great mix of BBQ seasonings, an herbal honey mix, dipped pretzels, your own special romance mix of snacks! Decorate, mix, add your magic for a unique invitation hand made or hand tossed by only you! Having a tropical destination wedding? Use coconut, tropical fruit mixes. Anything can say “Will you be my bridesmaid?

6) Ask the Group in Person
Make a date with a special activity. Spa appointments for champagne manicures or pedicures, meet at a special restaurant for lunch, have a happy hour rendezvous, visit a museum together or head to the movies. Spending a fun day together. Make it a perfect time to ask all of them in person to be your bridesmaids

more with DestinationWeddings.travel & Wild Side Destinations and thanks bridaltees.com for the thoughts!

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