Romancing Tahiti with 10 Tips by PJ

Romancing the Islands of Tahiti means experiential travel since Tahiti is actually composed of 118 islands and atolls. There are 67 inhabited, so there’s a wide range of options and experiences, so we can make it easier for you to compare and combine them! So many idyllic islands, so little time, but our Experts have experienced the destination first-hand and we’re great listeners to create your perfect Tahiti Vacation!

Along the way, we’ve gathered a number of tips to help determine where to go, what to do and why, so hold on and here’s our top 10!

1. We always say Book Early. After all Tahiti is a premier destination and the demands for the Islands outweigh the accommodations and the last minute special just doesn’t exist here. How early you ask? A minimum is 90 to 180 days and more mean being flexible about where you want to stay because Tahiti is not your high-rise, resort along side resort, type of destination. Besides, you can’t have a sale if there are no rooms to sell.

2. Having flexible travel dates whenever possible will help give you choices and there is a high season and a low season to consider. Traveling November through March can give you some great discounts on air and on island hotels, Stretching to April and May is shoulder-type season so depending on the services and island you want, keeping No. 1 above in mind, we’ve got ways to combine different islands to keep your budget flexible.

3. There are actually some hotel chains on the different islands you might want to consider putting together and we often have combo rates for staying with them. Brands like Intercontinental, Pearl Resorts, Sofitel, which are on multiple islands and switching them around, we can give yourself options for package pricing. Knowing the service of these brands also stretches across the islands, so you know what to expect.

4. Chances are you’ll need a domestic flight to get to Los Angeles or San Francisco. But there are domestic flights once you’re in Tahiti as well. We can compare them, consider an Air Pass if you’re doing several islands. We know how much time you need from domestic US flights to your International flights, you just can’t skimp on this. We’ve also got partner airlines that mean booking both flights on one ticket. No need to pick up luggage and recheck in for your International Flight. Our quotes and packages always include the International air flights and transfers.

5. There’s a magic to mixing up your room types. What does that mean? Island prices are not the same and by combining different room types like Garden/Pool/Beach/Overwater Bungalow on each of the different islands, you may find choices to your perfect package and price. The highlights of each island and even resort vary by what they’re known for, we will give you a variety of accommodation experiences, and the choices give you a ways to stretch your dollars.

6. What about meals? Fresh, delicious, gourmet and island-style.  In many cases, we can pre-book meals at the different resorts which offers you convenience and savings as you are paying in their currency and will avoid additional taxes in the destination.

7. Famous islands or not? Of course there are islands you always hear about, of course there’s Bora Bora and Moorea but like we said in No. 1, there are many more islands you will fall in love with.  Lesser known, as beautiful, with exotic names you can brag about visiting! We love the islands of Huahine, Tikehau, Taha’a and they’ve got overwater bungalows, beachfront bungalows and awesome garden bungalows that offer a unique and incredible experience and value. Consider a lesser known island that offers more bragging power! Your friends won’t be saying, oh we’ve been there.

8. Tahiti is usually the trip of a lifetime! Although we bet you’ll want to go back and we’re happy to make that happen! Set a budget in mind and booking in advance also allows you to continue saving for when your final payment is due so your experience will be everything you want it to be and more.  Like we said in No. 7, there are many ways to combine islands for your dream getaway!

9. It’s important to Pre-book Excursions and Activities. There are tons of activities but remember the activities are smaller in size and limited. Everyone wants to swim with the manta rays, who doesn’t want to experience pearl diving and choosing the perfect pearl and ATV tours are always full because it’s a boutique destination. If you don’t book in advance, there’s a good chance it will be full on the days you are there by others who did book wisely in advance.  Also, when you arrive, if a spa treatment or couples massage is on your list, make your reservations soon after you arrive!

10. Save the best for last. As we hop you through the Islands of Tahiti, we suggest you save the best for last, upgrade don’t downgrade. If you’re splurging on an overwater bungalow, save it for the final island hop, wrap up your dream getaway with a bang!

There are so many ways to customize your dream vacation to Tahiti, our expert knows the resorts, the islands and will listen to what you want, make it original and create the trip you will be talking about the rest of your life.  Reviewing resorts, islands, excursions, meal plans, compare island combinations and special amenities. You might choose Tahiti for that special occasion, weddingmoon, proposal, honeymoon, anniversary, babymoon and more!

When you have a question, we’re here to answer it. You can count on a customized itinerary that’s right for you and our nurtured partners mean specials and discounts are out there, let us get them for you. Share your itinerary and bring friends to share in unforgettable memories.  Book soon with evenings and week-ends available for planning with PJ. We’re here to help make that idyllic Tahiti Island dream come true! For more information and to get started, call today!

Pamela (PJ) Ott, Expert

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