Women Proposing, Go For It!

When it comes to who should propose, many people choose to follow the traditional model of a man do the kneeling, choosing when and if. Only around 5 percent of women propose in heterosexual married couples. So what if it’s a tradition: sometimes that’s very important to people, yes, proposing is a lifechanging decision, one that changes your life, so why is it 95 percent of women who are in a relationship and do want to get married just wait around for it to happen?

Because we grew up in traditional relationships? Because we’re taught to wait, behave, follow the leader? Luckily, there are more signs that things are changing, and opinions toward women proposing. One thing is clear to this writer: if you want to, go for it.

Times are changing, dating site Match.com recently asked men, would they be up for the woman making the first move? 95 percent of men said yes! Like going in for that kiss, asking for their phone number, buying the first or second drink. And there are more surveys are showing a swing when it comes to who is the proposer and who is the proposee!

When Glamour got their answers from 500 men: 70 percent would be psyched if a woman proposed. We can’t say that would be a “Yes,” but we’re definitely progressing in the match of men, women and tradition! So where are those 70 percent of women and are you one of them in a heterosexual relationship that should kneel down and go for it? It’s the ultimate romantic gesture and is a deep, sensitive matter, why not a woman? So, tired of waiting, find out if he’s the one and ask now, don’t waste more time finding Mr. Right!

Be a woman of change and take control. Society continues to push the woman’s role for equality, so step in and salute to that proposal! If you know what you want, why are you waiting? If it’s really a partnership and you’re on the same page, it’s both of your decisions, not just his.

If you’re the right couple then it’s just not an issue? You’re not the average couple, you’re intensely tuned into each other. You appreciate tradition, but it does not hold you back. The truth be told, no matter how traditional some heterosexual couples want to be, homosexual couples are, by definition, changing the game. In lesbian couples, one woman will be doing the asking, in male couples, one man will be the one asked, which means that both women giving proposals and men receiving them is becoming natural, making same-sex relationships and proposals the catalysts we need to help society let go of some of the boy girl roles. You don’t have to wait around. Afterall, in most cases, it’s no longer accompanied by gift giving and family rituals, there’s no dowry to be collected and managed! Are you feeling it, is he feeling it, then call it like you feel it! Will you marry me?

Pamela (PJ) Ott
Director of Romance,
Destination Weddings.Travel

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