What Will Your Wedding Design Look Like?

What will your wedding design look like?

We are gathered here together to witness the beginning of what will be with friends and angels, family and loved ones, to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments, to recognize the worth of love and the adventure of the most intimate of human relationships – a destination wedding!  What will your wedding look like? What is your style and how will you make your dreams come true?

Did you know that there are hundreds of wedding venues, locations and styles for you to consider? Your imagination is your only limit and we’ll loan you ours! We call it Wedding architecture: the discovery and perception of remixing memories and experiences you’ve had together, combining romance and adventure, it’s colors, being bold, being bright, it’s something borrowed and something white. It’s edge of your dreams reality, edge of your seat venues, parties with all the right notes, a symphony of love!  You don’t want to orchestrate all those details, you don’t’ want mom (sorry mom), friends or family to try maneuvering through those waters and cliffs, do you? It is a mission and there is reconnaisance already done for you!

Customizing any wedding means giving it a twist with the wave of a wand and blowing bubbles on the beach at sunset, choosing bubbling champagne or sparkling wine, riding camels on the beach and releasing baby turtled at night under the stars! There’s romantic beach dinners by the surf with your feet in the sand, it’s 24-hour room service, it’s an intimate couples’ massage.  Above all, it’s what you’re dreaming of, maybe a photo you’ve saw in a magazine, it’s inspiration for your wedding venue and your honeymoon planning!

You might want to start with a Research Dream Quiz where multiple choices stimulate each of you separately on venues, ideas, favorite things, flavours, what gives you your hygge, then together compare your responses to see where that magic can go! Whether it’s wedding, vow renewal, proposal, anniversary, there’s no limit to the memories you can make with help.

~ a barefoot on the beach wedding venue
~ an all-inclusive adults only soiree
~ a wedding photo shoot standing on an all-crystal-stairwell at sea
~ a boutique luxury wedding with family and friends
~ an eco all-inclusive venue with Mother Nature
~ a wedding in the sky with 180 degree views of the sea
~ your toes in the sand at a ports-of-call wedding in the Caribbean
~ an underwater wedding with your dive buddies
~ a post underwater splash and trash the dress, a water wedding party photo venue (meet Sebi, a partner of ours)

Pamela (PJ) Ott,  Author & Writer, DWT


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