A Wedding Day or A Wedding Week? Consider a Destination Wedding!

Destination weddings are growing in popularity each day. They are fun, exciting, and are usually more affordable! If you have already made the decision to have a destination wedding, or are thinking of having one, or maybe you just not sure how they differ … read on!

A destination wedding is usually less expensive.  That being said, it’s a no-brainer if budget is an issue. Let’s face it, with amazing, beautiful backdrops of destination wedding locations, you won’t need as much décor. You can still choose to have your wedding  outside or inside.  Most popular is an outdoors, and you will only need a few extra touches to walk down the aisle of your choice, saving you a lot of money on decorations.

And about that guest list: chances are it will significantly reduce itself as distant acquaintances (or friends you think are friends) may likely choose not to spend the money and vacation time from work required to really celebrate with you, and share in your special day which otherwise was  all at your expense.

You’ll have your wedding and honeymoon one right after the other. I don’t say in the same location because we can sweep you away to another location for your honeymoon for more privacy!  So, for your honeymoon, you can upgrade to a different resort on the same island (consider upgrading rooms and going to adults only resort if you had families attending then start the romance) or actually fly to a different island. You’re having a weddingmoon, an experience that will create memories that last a lifetime!

A Destination Wedding means more intimate time with friends and family members.  You’ll have more time to spend with your close friends and family members in a glamorous location.  Instead of a one-day celebration, you’ll have 3 or more days. Most destination wedding resorts require a minimum of 3-nights!  Greater yet, guests have the option of choosing how long they want to stay and celebrate and make it a vacation as well by staying 5-7-9 nights if they choose.

Because Destination wedding locations are beautiful with amazing diversity and venues there are a host of rehearsal, group activities and wonderful places to see and explore.  As part of your wedding, you and your wedding party can include sight-seeing and spend quality time together. Your celebration will be fun, exciting, and memorable, think of your photo album and guest’s comments. You’ll have amazing photographs, think of your photo album, guest comments and imagine your photo collection with beautiful backdrops of sea and sand, flora and fauna, party catamarans and natural waterparks and wonders.  Destination weddings always result in amazing  photos that you and your soul mate and family will enjoy looking through for years to come.

Your destination wedding will be unlike any other.  Every couple is unique and your destination wedding can be tailor made with your dreams and wishes. You can incorporate the culture of the country you choose for your destination wedding, or you can have a traditional or religious wedding.  No matter what, a destination wedding will be yours to own and like no other!

Did you know there’s proof that your partner will get more involved? Yes, planning a destination wedding tends to include both partners, vs a wedding at home that the bride or one partner usually has to plan.

It is usually easier to plan and with the right experienced Destination Wedding Specialist, your planner should have  inventory and archived wedding resort and venue options to give you the best choices and to fit what you imagine your wedding picture to look like.  Destinations, resorts and venues and group benefits are no stranger to an experienced Destination Wedding Specialist.  They know the resorts and wedding venues,  wedding packages that you can choose and personalize!  Think about it, all the catering, design, set-up, music, photography – all the necessities of your wedding handled and coordinated instead of multiple phone calls, emails, and deposits if you choose a destination wedding and hire a destination wedding planner. You will have choices for everything, your guests and their travel handled, you’ll be able to relax and look at wedding dresses, welcome gift bags and your planner handles all guest questions and planning!

So, it’s obvious a destination wedding is less stressful. Your guest list and RSVP’s are handled, there’s neutral ground for both families, the resort has daily and evening entertainment, you get to enjoy your family, friends and most of all your soul mate!

So consider a destination wedding and make that one-day celebration a glorious wedding week! Any bride or couple  can tell you how fast the wedding day goes, with a destination wedding you can plan pre and post wedding events which gives you a whole week to celebrate your love!





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