Wedding Flowers, Wedding Designs and More With PJ

Designing weddings, wedding designs, Wedding flowers add color and in some cases fragrance to your big day. But your big day doesn’t have to mean big budget. Your choices of silk or real wedding flowers, potted plants and tropical leafs can weigh in and make a big difference on your overall budget and the type of wedding you want to have. What exactly are your priorities and think about the footprint you leave.

Your silk wedding flowers are not going to break off, turn brown on the edges, wilt in the sun. Are you thinking of having a beach wedding or a warm-weather wedding? Will your flowers start wilting the minute they leave refrigeration? Will everything run on time, will they last? Do your special flowers need to be shipped last minute for fresh and do they require special shipping and temperatures? Will you get what you paid for coming from point A to point B? Silk wedding flowers are lightweight, bouquets are easier to handle and more forgiving during transport and ceremony. No need to water and petals won’t fall off. Delicate blooms do fall apart, sag and are not durable. Beware of flowers that leave color and stains when they’re stepped on, especially if your having an inside wedding. Red on those off-white and solid carpets will cause you an extra cleaning fee. Scenting silk flowers will eliminate any possible allergy or asthma symptoms with anyone in the wedding party or guests attending. An ambulance is not a part of your wedding day plan. And of course your silk bridal bouquet can be encased and brought back out for your 15th anniversary looking like the day you said “I DO”.

Your choice of silk flowers vs fresh wedding flowers can be more practical and memorable, but it’s true to form, they can be just as expensive as real flowers. Are you set on a specific type of flower(s)? Will the island, destination or season you’re planning your big day on find them out of season? Silk flowers come in every shape and color and are always in season, beware though, a silk version of a more common flower could likely be significantly more in cost. Afterall, it’s forever, not just a few hours or days. Compare your pricing on types of flowers, local flowers which may be in bloom and how many do you really need?

We all love those breathtaking fresh wedding flowers arrangement and bouquets, if fresh is your desire, complete your arrangement with local fillers, leafs and greens. Bringing your special lace and adornments to complete the arrangement can cut back on a few flowers for cost and personalize all at the same time. Simple local flowers are unique and available so check those out and a living plant with flowers that match your wedding colors make wonderful aisle markers and centerpieces. Be breathtaking and consider table décor using flowers within upside down wine glasses topped with candles. Accent with flowers in lanterns and fabrics or shells from the sea. From sea fans and coral to fans painted or accented. Check out the local arts and crafts for textures, fabrics and ceramics. For a beach setting, consider adding the green of palm trees as an aisle or arch replacement with heart in the sand. One bride told us she wanted no extra set-up, she wanted absolutely nothing to block the view of their photos and the ocean! Place your favorite flowers inside and flowing out of a conch shell for natural beauty and consider the look with silk flower options as well. They will live forever and can be brought out for anniversaries or be a part of your future home.

Is your style untraditional, flowers are not a required element in any wedding. Consider ice sculptures and statues and special lighting. The natural weave and curve of dried vines for displays standing up or hanging down dress up uniquely. Consider candles, balloons, illumination under sheer fabrics, decorated wine bottles, paper or tissue stars and lamps, glass vases, fruit, plexiglass figures, pillows, baskets and accent pieces that reflect your theme or designs. Use your imagination or we’ll loan you ours! Wedding designs and ideas with PJ are endless. For weddings, anniversaries, group parties and meetings, designs, destinations, gifts and group travel planning. It’s your event, it’s our legend! A little on the wild side, always on your side!

Coming next what do those flowers mean and what do those colors say?

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