8-Unique Convertible Caravans of Europe Itineraries with Wild Side Destinations

It’s enchanting, it’s intimate, discover Europe as you go, for the road warrior in each of us! What is the first image you conjure up for the word “caravan?” For me it was gypsies. OK, so we looked up the definition and found “A company of travelers journeying together.” This blog will be the first of eight unusual itineraries you, you and another couple or you and friends will find irresistible in discovering Europe. You create and customize as you go! (with as much or as little help as you want) 

What is Wild Side Destinations in Oregon offering here? The best of the best with small groups, independent travel, touring in your own private vehicle on incredible journeys through Europe!  Each itinerary costs the same, only $4,995 per person. We found there was no way we could put the itineraries together with such extraordinary hotels and authentic flavors for this price. 

Life’s journey’s have a story, now here’s your chance to create your own. Included are 9 overnights (minimum 4-star), daily breakfast plus one daily meal, welcome & farewell dinners, car rental incl. CDW and THW (deductibles add’l), you provide one driver per car, they provide cell phone, GPS included with nightly tour programing, lots of choices!

Start your day when you want it to. Take all the time and liberty of touring at your own pace. Choose your destinations, toss with authentic flavors, twist with intimate moments, add unconventional to your itinerary and rediscover Europe in a non-caravan atmosphere!  It’s different, it’s time to sniff, sip, taste and occasionally cook your way along some of the most famous wine routes of the world. 

So, our first visit is going to be Italy with 10-day Itinerary of flavors, scents and aromas. A flamboyant nation that speaks with their hands and a language that dances on your tongue. Contrasting landscapes seasoned with monument at castles, churches and hilltop fortresses, a symphony of flavors, scents and aromas. Italy is for lovers of everything that simply whisper “Buono Gusto”.

Our route guides us along the verdant rural countryside to the romantic shores of Lake Como, adorned with luxurious villas and the beautiful “Pearl of the Lake”; Bellagio. We explore hilltop villages of Cinque Terre clinging to the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera; we meander through golden fields of wheat and green olive groves, tasting the oils and local cheeses, as we sip our way along some of the most famous wine routes of the world; we travel by way of landscapes unchanged since medieval times, decorated with country churches, beautiful abbeys, medieval villages and hilltop castles; we explore Florence, the jewel of the Renaissance, on the banks of the River Arno, a treasure chest of artist masterpieces, colored marbles and architectural wonders. We collect our last impressions in the capital Rome, modern and old, past and present …forever the “Eternal City”.

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