United Flight Attendants And Pilot Bully Passenger into Fear

I am writing on behalf of a passenger on United Airlines. From the scribbled notes on a multitude of boarding passes not realized, this extreme situation resulted in abandonment, panic and fear a mere two days ago when a first-hand experience with a United Airlines flight attendant, crew and pilot produced antagonistic bullying followed by the removal of a flier from a United Airlines flight from Mexico City to Houston. Said flyer used the word “shit” and was overheard. (United Flight 1091, March 10, 2013). I personally had to get up from my desk and refresh myself as I sensed and felt her fear during these two days and from the scribbled notes she made while she was detained in the Mexico City airport with no confirmed flights home. I am still trying to make complete sense out of this outrage.

She was detained in Mexico against her will. The actions of one flight attendant orchestrated and escalated into the harassment and sabotage of this female flyer having her removed from an international flight instead of returning her to the United States. Followed by continuous flights with delays, cabin and gate crew harassment and continuously changing schedules and gates, this story is a flight from hell in our seasoned opinion. This flyer stepping up with intrepidation to file this incident and complaint is female, caucasian and a US Citizen and records show has flown without circumstances we could find internationally for 18 years per passport stamps. Times are changing. The on-plane harassment by United flight crew #1091 turned from verbal torment to physical torment as she was contained in Mexico against her will. Additional gate agent behavior, actions and flight nonconfirmation were the final results by United Airlines in the Mexico City Airport. The performance of a specific female flight attendant followed by full crew ganging up on one passenger, a captive target on the plane, was witnessed by others. A professional gentleman two rows forward stood and tried to defend the female seeing the crew’s verbal attack and asked what they were doing. He was told he could exit the plane as well. Yes, we have his business card which he gave her as she was deplaned and commented to contact him if needed for legal actions she might take. Surrounded and bullied to tears, she was intimidated then forced off the plane. This included the threat of security guards removing her by the pilot when she had to return to her seat to even collect her bags. Her response was “go ahead” as she knew and repeated again and again, she had done nothing wrong and loudly enough other passengers could clearly hear her distress. She continued to ask and say she had done wrong during the aggressive bullying of airline flight crew as well as deny she had cursed at any flight attendant which was their story. Security was waiting off the plane but took no action, another fear tactic mounted by the United Airlines flight crew and pilot. I honestly find myself shaking at these criminal attempts to encase a flyer from returning to the United States and finally leaving a U.S. Citizen to their own devise. Further threatening occurred at the gate outside the plane.

We confirmed the flyers’ original United flight was posted delayed with a misconnect to the final destination which she discovered that morning in her hotel room. United had not addressed, reconfirmed or taken any action on said circumstances which would leave the passenger stranded in San Francisco later that day. The passenger called United early to arrange new flights while bringing this to United’s attention. United had taken no action before her call. In fact, the original flight she was confirmed on was still at the airport when she was taken off Flight #1091. That flight left later with her standing at the United gate desk. She was held against her will by United Airlines in the Mexico City Airport.

The specific flight attendant on United 1091 took it upon herself to create a situation which did not exist, lie and consorted with the additional flight crew to attacked the female flyer verbally while seated with two to four crew members approaching her repeatedly, interrogating her and near surrounding her. The flyer was charged multiple times by various attendants ganging up and then supported by the pilot and demanded her exit off the plane. The intimidation was recognized by fellow flyers.

Once off plane and at the gate, the threat of being held hostage in Mexico City escalated and caused the flyer to fear for herself, family and become terrified of being refused her paid seats home. A gate agent proclaimed she would not board any United airlines at their will. With a panic attack she stood at the gate holding herself up, shaking uncontrollable with tears flowing down her cheeks which revealed her confused and fearful condition to everyone walking past in the airport. She tells us she had some sense to phone a contact in the US quickly to tell them where she was, afraid of the results of this on-plane attack and what could happen next. There were up to four gate attendants at the computers, laughing and she received a threat to not return her to the US by United. Three of the their names at the gate scribbled on her notes were Patty Flores, Oscar Villages and Monica Palacios (pardon spelling her writing was very shaky). The flier had another name of Hernandez in her notes with no first name, we could not confirm. She asked for a tissue as she cried and shook at the gate and was told she could go to the bathroom. Her response was she would continue waiting at the desk for her promised boarding passes and confirmed flights home. After some time, she finally spoke up and asked them if they were purposely delaying giving her new boarding passes so she would miss other flights leaving Mexico City. (like the original delayed flight she was first confirmed on which was still there). She dictates she was afraid, and afraid to leave the gate for fear they would leave at her absence and abandon United’s responsibility of assigning her new flights home to the United States and her final destination. She also feared for what declarations would be put in her airline record causing additional harassment and possible further aggravation and intimidation.

Said flyer was dressed professionally with long black dress, black jacket, boots and hair clipped back. She had asked a flight attendant about an aisle seat while sitting on the plane as she had at the gate prior to boarding. Not an upgrade to more leg room, just an aisle seat. The flight attendants response was she would have to pay more for an upgraded seat. The flyer responded no and said the word “shit” under her breath – directed at her own discomfort and concern for bathroom access. The female flyer had an embarrassing condition she did not feel she should have to discuss with the female flight attendant. Under 60, the flyer required prompt access to a bathroom. She also endured standing later at the gate waiting for United to fulfill their promise of providing boarding passes to fly home needing to use the bathroom desperately. In support of her condition and simple request, two days prior she had slipped down stairs on a tour bus going to the bathroom. She was bruised physically and then was forced to endure the bruising of a treacherous flight crew on United Airlines flight 1091.

United Airlines did not complete their statement or responsibility to secure transportation of a US Citizen back to the United States and to her final destination. Their incompleted transaction denied the flyer required confirmed flights home. She finally received one confirmed seat and a standby seat only.

A senseless and damaging experience with flight attendants gone bad. As the flyer shared this emotional experience, I found myself holding my breath and holding my arms around myself. The flight attendant’s name would not be provided when requested at the gate. According to the Occupational Handbook (link below) your flight crew is responsible for your safety and comfort. Their responsibility as flight attendants dictate they provide you with safety and security while in their hands. This malfunction of an entire cabin crew occurred between Mexico city and Houston. We were told this may be a dedicated flight crew on this roundtrip schedule but were unable to confirm this. Beware we say. I find myself suspicious and frightened for any flyer on these flights after receiving this intimidating and desperate story. The identity of the flight attendant orchestrating this abandonment by United Airlines Flight 1091 description: a gray/blonde short hair to the neck, scarf tied chicly around her neck, average weight and height, a polished high and mighty attitude and highly capable of and obviously practiced at displaying disregard for passengers in need and overall. Her intentional mission was to consciously lie and instigate untrue accusations regarding a passenger for the purpose of threatening her and having her removed for personal satisfaction only. Does someone have an identify for this oger? We found the best definition to “oger” and answer in yahoo answers http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070524221024AAGxnOy .

This flyer remains fearful to board United Airlines but has inevitable future business trips knowing harassment, intimidation and bullying can be expected and is acceptable behavior by United flight attendants and pilot. Will the same flight attendant be on future flights? Surely she will encounter the unconstrained flight attendant returning to this destination of business. We found little detective work was required to locate other complaints and situations (links below) that further support this type of behavior and many complaints bore resemblences of actions that flyers should indeed pay heed of. The execution and lack of control of flight crew bullying, specifically United Airlines in this case, is becoming a consistent problem for flyers to the point of reconsidering even required business travels due to the acceptance of their attitudes and aggression. Abandonment is a serious emotion and causes permanent damage as we investigated. Actions suffered by this flyer were directly caused by the accessory of an entire United Airlines crew which demonstrated and proclaimed a deep seeded discrimination and lack of responsibility for passenger safety and security. We found the accountability of a flight attendant and crew in their occupational handbook states their position is to provide for passenger safety and comfort. Has that now been overridden by power, attitude and superiority? This was not a security or safety issue. It was a personal issue by one flight attendant on United Flight 1091.

To end this story … this US Citizen was able to contain her fear of further abandonment to finally arrive back in the United States in Houston. She states being surrounded by several pilots also on that flight which caused her apprehension throughout the entire flight. Her departure off the Houston plane included a direct comment to the flight attendant at the door, “Thank you for not harassing me and being kind.” The flyer was able to confirm her next flight from Houston on her own as United would not to get home.

But wait. What happened next? The confirmed United Flight to Portland (we did not receive a boarding pass from her to confirm flight number) was ALSO announced delayed due to computer problems from departing Houston. Her original arrival before 9pm was past and now approached midnight. The flight still delayed and passing even their scheduled arrival time at the destination. While apprehensive and fear she hoped to see the plane move.

Is it over? NO, UNITED THEN announced they had mistakenly not transferred other flyer’s reservations to this flight due to other flight difficulties, specifically a Portland women’s basketball team. Can it get any better you ask? Almost midnight and severely understanding abandonment from first-hand experience in Mexico City, her constitution reigned over to help the Oregon basketball team and she gave up her seat so the team could stay together and get home. She also gave them her business card for further proof of her demeanor. The airline gate attendants and team were appreciative and provided a hotel voucher, then after midnight, with a confirmed boarding pass requiring check in at 7:00am and a breakfast voucher.

Is this story over yet? I’ll say “heck no”. Returning to the Houston airport security at 7:00am on Monday morning, March 12 as instructed for a 9:00am flight, United Flight #569 announced another delay along with two gate changes and a 2-hour o- plane tarmac delay (the doors were left open on the plane she noted). Final arrival in Portland was not 11:49am but finally 2:15pm. A fearful United Airlines experience ended with the final arrival to Portland followed by a tearful reunion as her Air Force son waited for her with grandson in tow around 2:15pm that day.

Does United owe this flyer compensation over harassment and delays? The belief of mine is absolutely. I find this story contagious and will never look at flying United without a chill up my spine. What do you think? We humbly give our links to collectively support bullying and collaboration within the flight attendant ranks:

http://www.bls.gov/ooh/transportation-and-material-moving/flight-attendants.htm#tab-2 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational handbook “What flight attendants do.”
http://flyersrights.org/help.php Help I’m Stranded…See and support Flyersrights.org

To file your complaints there are several avenues:
http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/united-airlines-c425679.html – interesting another flight between Houston and Mexico City complaint

“Accessory to a crime” definition, in this case against a US Citizen contained against her will in Mexico:

MoreTrue Stories of Airline Crew Bullying: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2013/02/28/surefire-ways-to-get-kicked-off-plane/

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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/06/tatiana-kozlenko-flight-attendent-fired-middle-finger-photo_n_2630816.html and then hired back?
Thai Flight Attendant Fired over Threat to Throw Coffee on Passenger

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