Getting Naked Daily Wines: Tease, Foreplay, Penetration, Orgasmic for Valentines!

We can’t wait to share this! Whether you’re a Cougar, Vixen or just having a Fling with wine, we’re sure you’ll agree, Penetration is always satisfying! If you’re looking for a relaxed wine tasting evening or just kicking back with a glass of wine and some tunes, here’s one of Wild Side Destinations’ recommendations and just in time for Valentines! On our way down the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, we stopped in Hood River at the Naked Winery and they certainly teased us with their playful wine brands including Cougar, Vixen, Fling, Foreplay, Gay, Penetration and Dominatrix to suggest a few. They certainly aim to tease and please!

With Oregon and Washington wines as bed partners, their provocative black labels encourage fun and romantic evenings and will take your mind where your body wants to go. We stopped in for a wine tasting and just couldn’t leave without joining their Club Nakd. And we’ve got all the dirty details so you can get naked on a daily basis like we do! I certainly enjoy a good Climax and I think you will too. It’s free to sign up, you pick your size, your color and start playing. From Bombshell to Missionary, they’ve got the “B” Club, “C” Club, “DD” Club for serious wine lovers or gotta love it the Cougar Club! Try a foxy wine, great for an affair and you’ll hear yourself saying, “Oh Yes I will have another” Orgasmic Nebbiolo!

Woo your Valentine with the tantalizing gift of Foreplay…Chardonnay that is. Not just a name, but a great taste! This Wine Gift presents a black gift box with two Naked wine glasses. Or make a confident advance with the Penetration Cabernet gift set. These come-hither wine gifts are nothing subtle and here’s to a steamy romance this month, not just on February 14th! Be sure you get Climax…a nice red blend. Worthy also is an Orgasmic Late Harvest! Sweet from the first sip to the last drip.

Sleeping together the Barringer and Michalec families formed Naked Winery at the turn of the century with wineries in Oregon and Washington within the Columbia River Gorge. You can join their Nakd club and choose wines on a quarterly basis with added benefits of discounts, access to wine club only wines, and priority signup for events. Along with free tastings and a tasting room for you and another friendly four and wine shows. You’re guaranteed 2 bottles per member, per release of their special wines as well. That includes their Oh! Orgasmic wines that are in limited production.

The grapes for their red varietals (Syrah, Cabernet, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Merlot) are orgasmically grown in the hot and dry Apple Gate and Columbia Valley regions of Oregon and Washington. Other varietals (Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Muscat and Riesling) benefit from cool pacific marine layers of the Willamette and Illinois Valley’s. What to expect: both subtle and complex wines and exceptionally bold Chardonnays!

Naked is their best seller and they certainly like to bare-all. Whether you are simple and straight forward or desirable and filled with candy coated tanins, take control as these wines demand your attention. Don’t fret over committing to your wine, this Fling will always be waiting for you.

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